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Performance Driven Websites
Websites that deliver what your customers need fast, on any network and any device, are key to your success. Performant websites rank higher in search engine results, keep visitors’ attention longer, and produce better conversion rates.

Media Publishing Solutions
Easy to use, well-structured, beautiful online publishing systems improve your SEO ranking, attract more visitors, and keep them onsite longer. Enterprise-level brand-management, publishing workflows, and intuitive tools keep your editorial teams focused and productive.

Scalable, International Success
Are you looking for technical solutions that will support your business’s international growth? b13 has the tools and experience to deliver a long-term partnership to inspire customer trust at any scale, on any device, in any location.

Centralized Information Management
We offer secure, efficient, and easy-to-use information management hubs tailored to your needs today and ready to handle your growing and changing requirements in the future.

Delivering TYPO3 CMS Expertise since 2003
We have been a part of the TYPO3 Project for more than 16 years. Beyond delivering value to our clients through custom-tailored TYPO3 solutions, we’ve been part of building and extending it for just as long. Our team includes the TYPO3 core-development lead, Benni Mack, whose time we contribute to the project. We also create, release, and maintain open-source extensions that help everyone deliver more value with TYPO3.

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TYPO3 CMS Certified Editor1
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TYPO3 CMS Certified Developer2
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