International development cooperation with TYPO3

"Independent and simple editing from all over the world and various information for donors and sponsors – enabled by TYPO3."

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International development cooperation with TYPO3

The project

Swisscontact is an independent foundation for international development cooperation. With offices in over 30 countries, Swisscontact funds economic, social and environmental development. The foundation requested a technical and visual revamp for its website that would incorporate existing custom software, such as the project management module. As there are a lot of different administrators editing the website from all over the world, the new design focused on simple content management.

Project objectives

  • To adapt over 20 country-specific websites
  • To make it easy to add more country-specific websites
  • To incorporate and develop the existing project management module

Implementing the design with TYPO3

The new website design is spaciously structured and modern with large images. Thanks to its responsive design, the website is fully operational on any device. In addition to the main website, the new design has integrated about 20 country-specific websites. Swisscontact can add more independently. All the different projects are recorded in the project management module. They are displayed in a clear list and can be filtered by region, subject area or a search term. The website also provides detailed information and a direct link to a donation page for every project.

Custom software used

  • Copy-website extension for additional country-specific websites
  • Project management module for adding content easily with filter functions for users
  • Donation solution with payment card linking
  • News and team module
  • Digital annual report

Digital annual report

The digital annual report offers users an additional service. This saves the donors and sponsors having to scroll and search through pages worth of documents.

The users can access the information they need directly with just a few clicks. Users also benefit from the long-term availability of the information and save on print costs.

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internezzo ag

internezzo ag is een toonaangevend full-service bureau voor TYPO3 in Zwitserland. internezzo is gespecialiseerd in het bedenken, ontwerpen en ontwikkelen van TYPO3 oplossingen en individuele webapplicaties.

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