Rent a car with TYPO3

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Rent a car with TYPO3

The Project

It was time for a relaunch of the car rental services of TUI Germany. Goals were to create a more modern and well-arranged portal, with responsive design and short loading times. neusta software development implemented the new portal as well as the according internet booking engine (IBE) TUI Cars.


Over the next 12 months the new car rental portal took shape. The main challenge was to create a high-performance search and book experience. Thanks to the use of AngularJS, that challenge was mastered – the whole portal can now be used without a single reload during car searching. Any applied filter will for example directly reduce the result set without reloading times for the user.

The portal was built on redundant infrastructure with multiple live servers and a load balancer and is hosted by TUI InfoTec.

The Result

A fast, usable website was created, that directs visitors intuitively to the information they are searching for. The website is fully responsive, optimized for devices from mobile phones to desktop computers and presents itself in a new, modern design.

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